Call for Trainers and Workshops

Spring Action Training 2017
This mission is crucial: passing on skills to the next generation of the movement for land and water. We're now seeking presenters to discuss and demonstrate action strategies, legal rights, blockades, tree-sits, non-violent civil disobedience, and backcountry skills.

Dates and locations to be announced. Message us to suggest a topic, nominate a workshop facilitator, or get on the volunteer list.

Callout for organizers who are experienced in our networks to join with our sister groups Anti-Racist Action and Women Fight Back and unite to fight the right! By invitation. Send a message for info.  

Workshops on Demand
Invite action team trainers to your community for skill-shares on legal rights, land protection, and more. Updated info at the House of Solidarity.

Call for Land and Water Protectors

Join the frontlines at Lelu Island - volunteer at an amazing Central Coast harbour in Tsimshian territory near Prince Rupert, BC. Local Indigenous leaders have been building cabins and occupying this small island to prevent a mega-fracking terminal in crucial salmon habitat where the Skeena River meets the sea.

Contact Gathering Allies on their website or on Facebook for info on joining the occupation this winter and spring. 

Got questions? Comments? Want to join in? Contact us anytime.