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Right now across North America, groups of land defenders are doing their damnedest to block tarsands oil from coming to the coasts. Big oil and the Conservative government are insisting on pipelines from Alberta to the Pacific to feed the Asian export market. But thousands of locals are pledging to put their freedom on the line to stop them.

In Burnaby BC, the front has shifted from street rallies to blocking pipeline workers from drilling through Burnaby Mountain. Hundreds of native and non-native environmentalists have joined forces to occupy a conservation area in a last-ditch effort to stop Kinder Morgan and protect the Salish Sea and the traditional territory of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, which has launched a court challenge against the tarsands pipeline.

But now Kinder Morgan has filed its own lawsuit naming the land defenders. And on Friday Nov 14, the judge granted the pipeline company's request for an injunction and ordered our friends and comrades to leave or face arrest.

Many are not leaving. Those who feel called to defend the coast, please join these brave people. Come to bear witness and follow your conscience. I know I can't stand aside and allow these machines to override the will of the people and open up a wilderness park and the whole south coast to toxic oil spills.

How to join:
- Come for a day or two or a week. Bring a friend if you can.
- Be prepared to camp. Bring a tent and a sleeping bag, rain gear, food and a water bottle.
- Call me to get connected to a team, and to check your gear: 250-813-3569
- Directions: 300 Centennial Way, at the east end of Hastings St in Burnaby. Take the #135 bus from Waterfront Skytrain station.

There are several groups on the mountain, from tight affinity groups to community coalitions, and they are making different plans. There may be people going in different directions, so please follow your heart, or call me to connect to a network.  
This is where the game gets interesting. We're playing for high stakes, and we could see a quick reversal if our side's challenges to Kinder Morgan are heard and upheld in court.

The Tseil-Waututh Nation is joined by 150 other First Nations, dozens of community groups, and Burnaby's mayor and council. Support these community groups on Indiegogo.

A spill of any kind – like the Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill in Alaska in 1987 - would devastate the wild coast of British Columbia, including the Great Bear Rainforest, Haida Gwaii, salmon runs, wildlife habitat, and the livelihoods and culture of thousands of native people who depend on the sea. A pipeline blowout or a tanker collision would demolish coastal tourism. We can't even estimate the cost.

Those who love this coast are pledged to defend it.
Come to the Solidarity House in Sooke and get skilled up

I'm happy to announce that the Solidarity House is now open for land defense training. On Sundays, starting on Nov 23, we're offering the opportunity to support the frontlines and observe first-hand as BC moves to a new phase of land defense.

Join us to talk about strategy, solidarity, and specific skills like backcountry work, mapping, and fundraising. Lend your good energy to an inspiring grassroots movement led by incredibly resilient activists.

Visit the Solidarity House page. Call 250-813-3569 or email for the address and details.

FAN is honoured to support indigenous defenders of the land.
We are all part of this struggle.

Art for Unis'tot'en Camp! Benefit auction on Facebook
Support the pipeline blockade at Unis'tot'en Camp. Indigenous art, poetry, chapbooks, and more. Dozens of amazing pieces - people are bidding now. Check out the online auction!  

Support the Women Warriors Sacred Fire
100 days after a devastating toxic tailings flood, the Secwepemc Women Warriors are facing the possibility that the BC government will allow the Mount Polley Mine to re-open as soon as the official investigation wraps up. They are calling to permanently close all of Imperial Metals' mines before they cause more damage. This is not the first blowout, nor was it unexpected.

Those impacted most are asking for supporters. Find out why.

Thank you for being a FAN supporter. Stay in touch.

Thank you!

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The next phase of defending the coast

Six weeks ago I predicted a surge in peaceful action on the coast and across BC. It's happening.

Locals have put up blockades on the pipeline route in Gitxsan territory in Northern BC, at Burnaby Mountain on the South Coast last week, and on a mining road in Gidemten territory between Smithers and Kitimat.

In the far north, the Klabona Keepers are closing roads into the Sacred Headwaters on Tahltan territory. Most recently, they blocked trophy hunters from poaching on their land and occupied a drilling site.

Unis'tot'en Camp, in its fifth year blocking gas and tarsands pipelines in the mountains between Smithers and Kitimat, is stronger than ever. This winter, visitors get to stay in a new wood-heated bunkhouse and an earth-sheltered pithouse built by our volunteers. 

The Secwepemc Women Warriors have ended their month-long vigil and “soft blockade” at the site of the Mount Polley mining disaster. But they're not resting. They are taking their message of accountability and reparations on the road.

What does this mean, and what else can we expect from the second phase of resistance? Read more.

Be prepared! We're leading skill-shares and discussions on:

  • Grassroots organizing
  • Peaceful direct action
  • Protests, the law, and legal support
  • Backcountry skills, mapping and orienteering

Contact us for more info or to suggest a workshop. Cost is by donation (we'll pass the hat).

Community organizing for solidarity

We're about to open a shared organizing space for the Caravan to Unis'tot'en Camp and for volunteer meetings, workshops, art, benefits, and community building. Yay us!

At a time when other groups are coming apart, VIC FAN is pulling together.

Support the folks who are doing the work year-round. Because we give back!

Become a Solidarity Sponsor with a small monthly commitment to the Solidarity House. Or be a Solid Supporter with a one-time contribution.

Thank you for being part of this movement to defend land and water

VIC FAN is celebrating its ninth year on Lekwungen territory, southern Vancouver Island. Big cheers to everyone who took part in our victories!



WildCoast and Forest Action Network are 100% home-grown and volunteer-led.

Our projects are supporting Unis'tot'en Camp, the Secwepemc Women Warriors, and the Eco Warriors Legal Defence Fund.

You can contact us anytime.

Keep the spirit!

Join our crew!

Send a note to get involved:

What's happening:

• Saturday Sept 27, 3 pm on, Vancouver: Party Against Pipelines. Street party! Meet at Broadway and Kingsway. Info & posters.

• Saturday Sept 27, 10:30 pm, Vancouver: Queer Dance Party for the Secwepemc Women Warriors at Tenderfoot. Facebook page (Contains strong language.)

Saturday October 4, 2 pm on, Lasqueti Island: Occupy the Sabine Channel to Stop Coal Tankers! Kayaks and canoes block the coal tanker route between Lasqueti and Texada Island. Meet at Squiddy's Beach. Facebook event page.  

We're starting the House of Solidarity in Victoria this fall. It's about time!

• Rides are going to Unis'tot'en Camp. Volunteers and drivers are needed year-round.

• Rides are needed to Iskut and the Sacred Headwaters to support the Klabona Keepers. Contact Beyond Boarding.

• Want to help with mapping big trees and old-growth forests on Southern Vancouver Island? Contact Shayn.

Defending the coast enters Phase Two.

Fight to Win

Forest Action Network defends wild places and supports indigenous heritage on the South Coast and beyond.

Eyes and Ears

Questions, tips, and info:  Zoe Blunt 250-813-3569, Victoria BC, Coast Salish territory.

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