This Saturday from 3 pm to 7 pm at the Chevron station at Shelbourne and Hillside, Victoria, Lekwungen territory. Here's the announcement from Hilary:

Like to dress fancy? Sunshine? Tea? Bikes? Stopping motherfrackers from building pipelines? This Saturday, people are getting together again to close down the ol' Chevrons across Canada in order to raise awareness about the Chevron/Apache pipeline (it would flow from Summit Lake to the proposed Kitimat Liquid Natural Gas facility). They want to frack and frack and frack, and it uses billions of litres of clean water than can't be used afterwards and are often dumped, etc. etc.

And guess what? We're all downstream. In some communities in the states that were situated around fracking wells, the tap water lights on fire (see the documentary Gasland). Now, if that isn't incensing, I don't know what is.

So, what are we going to do about it? Well, for a start, we're going to throw a tea party. Mad hatter style (think the Empress High Tea, posh, to the 9s and over the top) and having a full-blown 'tea party' outside Chevron (Shelbourne and Hillside). We could bring tables and chairs and the works, cups and teapots with 'oil' in them. We could bring snacks, cards, whatever...and, of course, information on Fracking. .

Tea Party Blockade on Facebook. RSVP, or just show up (costumes and props are optional, of course). 

Pledge to stop the pipeline. Join our summer pledge-a-thon and you could win a day trip to Avatar Grove or China Beach. Plus get a bunch of wild baby animal cards and rad stickers with our thanks. The goal is $3200 for a truckload of fall provisions for the Unis'tot'en camp and pipeline blockade near Houston, BC. Thank you for your support!